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Social Security Disability (“SSD”) is a federal disability insurance program. It is separate from Social Security retirement, but is similar in that workers pay a small percentage of their wages into a federally managed fund to be eligible for SSD should they need it. State and federal bureaucracies usually differ only in the scale of frustration and confusion they create. The Social Security Administration – the federal agency responsible for reviewing claims and administering SSD benefits – is no exception. Unfortunately, many people with legitimate disabilities try to navigate the process themselves, have their initial claim denied, and simply give up.

At Hanaway Ross, we represent people in Northeast Wisconsin and help them to successfully negotiate the process of applying for SSD benefits. Our attorneys provide a comprehensive range of services related to SSD claims, including the filing of the initial claim, gathering the relevant medical documentation and opinions, handling reconsideration claims, and, if necessary, to prepare the client and attend the hearing before an administrative law judge.

Dealing with the Social Security Administration is a challenging task under any circumstance. When you are suffering from a disability and have no income, it can seem impossible. The SSD attorneys at Hanaway Ross can take the worry out of the process and make the system work for you.

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