Quoted from an article by Nathan Phelps, who writes for the Press-Gazette in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

GREEN BAY, Wis. — The 41-year-old Minnesota Vikings fan who wore a purple and yellow sombrero and poncho to a game at Lambeau Field in 2012 and then got involved in a fist fight was found not guilty of the most serious of two charges he faced.

… of Lakeland, Minn., was charged with aggravated battery for his involvement in a fight at Sideline Sports Bar, just west of Lambeau Field after the Packers beat the Vikings 23-14 on Dec. 2, 2012.

A jury acquitted him of the battery charge Friday night, but found him guilty of disorderly conduct after more than 90 minutes of deliberation.

In closing remarks, Brown County Assistant District Attorney Mary Kerrigan-Mares said Paul Hrubesky, 53, was trying to act as a peacemaker when he was punched in the left side of the face.

“He (…) sucker punched a guy trying to calm the situation down,” she told the jury.

Throughout the case defense attorney Brian Maloney said … acted in self defense to a perceived threat from Hrubesky.

He noted the crux of the altercation happened in a seven second time span after Hrubesky’s son, Shawn, and the group of passing Vikings fan became embroiled in an verbal and physical confrontation.

“You see an angry young man (Shawn Hrubesky) instigating a fight and a father that unfortunately pays the price,” Maloney said, referencing a video of the fight. “But that’s on that angry young man, not on ….”

A cellphone video of the fight, recorded by …’s girlfriend, was played numerous times during the trial, often frame-by-frame. The video does not show the punch being landed.

Prosecutors produced witnesses refuting the claim Hrubesky was grasping at …’s poncho. … maintained Hrubesky grabbed and pulled his poncho just before he threw the punch.

“I thought he was a threatening person at the time… because he was coming at me and holding on to my poncho.” he told the jury. “I didn’t know what to think. It was hard to think.”

… threw one punch, he said.

Hrubesky suffered fractures to the face, eight stitches to the head, and long-term medical issues.

… is scheduled to be sentenced on the disorderly conduct charge April 4.

Testimony in the case indicated the whereabouts of the sombrero are unknown. It was lost during the fight.

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