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The award winning attorneys of Hanaway Ross Law Firm who practice in the area of litigation and trials are not just litigators. Each year, we try numerous cases to verdicts before juries, judges and arbitrators. One problem can have numerous solutions, resulting in a variety of possible outcomes. A client’s ability to achieve their objectives in litigation – a favorable settlement or a trial win – are enhanced by counsel who are known for taking cases to trial. We are proven trial attorneys.

We believe in aggressive case management, including early case assessment, client connectivity and ready use of cost-saving discovery and trial technology. We build a case strategy and staffing around the client’s objectives and investment parameters for the case. Proceeding to trial is not always the wisest course, but when it is, our clients are represented by trial veterans. Our litigators do not shy away from the difficult cases, and believe that the attorney that is best prepared to try the case will achieve the best outcome for our clients.

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